Calistrata, the Night Angel

The mysterious and highly dangerous escaped prisoner of the Wardens



Not a great deal is known of the Night Angel at this point. What little there is needs to be considered cautiously, for it is difficult to differentiate the truth from the fanciful embellishment of storytellers. They say that Calistrata once served Kyra and Terali both as an angel without peer in her dedication to her duty. For some sin, she was cast down from heaven to live an eternity in atonement. However the Dark Lady Valass quickly seized upon the opportunity to corrupt an agent of Her enemy, and took Calistrata into her fold. It was this deal with the Mother of Darkness that earned Calistrata her title as the Night Angel.

At this point accounts get even more vague. Calistrata was shortly exiled from the service of even the Lady of Corruption for some slight, but had managed to salvage enough power from the partnership to both escape the Lady’s wrath and alight back upon the soil of the realm. The Wardens received intelligence from the churches of multiple deities about the return of the Night Angel, and managed to move quickly to capture her before she actually managed to do any harm in the land.

The little experience the Wardens have had with her suggests she is masterful at the arts of manipulation and compulsion, both magical and otherwise. The full story of the Night Angel, and her intentions now that she is free, remain a complete mystery.

Calistrata, the Night Angel

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