The Pillars of Heaven

Act One: Part Five
The Unholy Union

After vanquishing the ghastly black ichor, the party (Eyaoz, Xanril, Athos, and Demitrious) found a stash of the old priest Pistorius’ notes. Most of them were maddened ramblings, but repeated references were made to his recent conversion into the service of the new entity whom he called the Unholy Union. His notes indicated an obsession with the designing of a communion circle to gain better access to the will of this new and powerful being. The party set off back to the surface with a mind to retrieve Pistorius’ holy symbol from his dead body in the nearby burial mounds, to attempt to recreate this communion circle themselves and thereby gain more insight into what they might be facing.

On their way to the mounds however, they were ambushed by the traitorous Captain Kendel, revealed to be a Valassian agent previously in Pistorius’ flock. The ambush failed, but the party gleaned from a prisoner that Pistorius, shortly before his death, had become estranged from his own followers due to his prattling on about this Unholy Union. His death, in fact, had been welcomed by the Valassians in Summerwood, who above all feared to be discovered by the Justicars.

At the burial mounds, swarming with undead, the party eked out a careful path to the last known location of Pistorius’ body, only to find him reanimated as a horrific ghoul priest! The battle was long and difficult, but at last he was destroyed (this time for good, they hoped) and the party found a communion circle already drawn by the ghoul priest before his death. A brief exposure to the circle revealed that the Unholy Union was indeed real, and far more concerning than the ravings of an evil priest. The symbol of this being appeared to be that of a laughing skull, one eye half closed and dripping a teardrop of blood, with a serrated dagger clutched in its teeth.

The party now seeks further guidance from some sort of religious sage, most likely to be found (or at least known of) in one of the Seven Cities. Their path now leads south, to the Mountain-Fortress of Ansolidae, where perhaps their questions will be answered…

Act One: Part Four
Seeds of Shadow

The party (Zoeya, Xan, Athos, and Cole) left the ruins of Highkeep with a mind to continue the investigation they were about to embark on before the destruction of the castle. They made for the nearby village of Summerhill, where a Kyran-priest-turned-necromancer once made his home. On the way there they encountered and traumatized two merchants of the family names Redheart and Shieldson.

In the basement of the priest’s home was a wicked communion circle drawn in mysterious red ink, through which Xan was able to discern the recurring image of a serrated dagger wrapped with a thin red string – the symbol of the Goddess of Corruption. The party then investigated the catacombs of the village chapel, which they discovered had been defiled by dark magic and was host to hungry undead. Acting on some notes the party found, they attempted to spill the blood of a halfling thief on the communion circle in order to repeat the ritual – unfortunately this only resulted in disrupting the circle. It did, however, darken the conscience of Xan…

Proceeding deeper into the catacombs, the party came across an angelic visage of the Healing Hand covered in a sick, black ichor – a classic feature of Zlaunar corruption. The ooze creature awakened upon discovery and began inching its slow doom towards the party.

What it means that both the Lady of Corruption and the Slow Evil are somehow involved in the plot of this mad priest, and what the future ramifications of this dark alliance are, the party must still find out.

If they survive.

Act One: Part Three
The Nightwing Lair

Following the sudden destruction of Highkeep and the vast majority of the Wardens gathered there for Hearthmeet, the party was tasked by Captain Sarge (the highest-ranking Warden survivor on the premises) to find out about the mysterious dark-clad mercenaries that were presumably responsible for the attack. They discovered that the attackers were operating from an underground lair hidden beneath the illusory wall of the inn’s basement. In this underground lair they found a prisoner of the attackers, one who identified himself as Athos, however he was rather circumspect in telling the party precisely why he was captured.

Regardless, Zoeya, Xanriel, Athos, and the accompanying Demetrious proceeded. They found out that the attackers went by the name of the Nightwing Guild, and had several established bases across the land. Furthermore, it seems they are in the employ of an important noble in Ansolidae, one of the Seven Cities. After defeating the purported leader of this particular branch (a Werebat lycanthrope), they made their way back to the surface, capturing a Nightwing member as a prisoner (Sam Twain).

Captain Sarge has now informed the party that they are free to do as they wish: to seek out Clavik, Elanesee and Jorgen in their pursuit of the Night Angel, to track down the Nightwing Guild and their employers, or to do pretty much anything they wish. The world is open to them.

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